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Easy Squash Soup

This is a easy to make butternut squash soup. I made it using 1/2 the recipe. I used the butternut squash that I froze earlier this fall and one contaner was 2 cups. I found it to be tasty butternut squash soup.

I put the squash,vegetable broth and apple juice in a saucepan. Let them cook up till they mixed up good. Then I added the rest of the Ingredients and mix them in. Let it cook for about 5 minutes to let ingredients blend together.


4 cups cooked butternut squash
1 cup vegetable broth
2 cups apple cider or apple juice (do NOT use apple cider vinegar)
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
2 tablespoons butter
1 tablespoon brown sugar, more to taste
1 cup heavy cream
salt to taste

butternut squash soup.jpg (45185 bytes)



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Coco Coir why I use it.

Coco coir is a highly absorbent medium, and one of the few growing mediums that is renewable.

Coco Coir Origin, Coco coir is a byproduct of the coconut .

Between the outer husk and the actual coconut is a layer of fibrous threads. While the outer husk and coconut may be used for textiles and other coconut products, the coco coir is usually set aside. This leftover byproduct is then compacted into bricks or sold loosely for use in agriculture. Compared to its counterpart peat, coco coir is completely renewable, and is viewed as the more sustainable medium. Most coco coir is dehydrated and pressed in to a brick to prevent any contamination or mold.

coco coir brick.jpg (54821 bytes)

Them you add water and it expands so you can use it.  

coco coir exspanded.jpg (64561 bytes)

First I use coco coir as the medium for microgreens. (see my blog on microgreens)

Then I give it to my red wigler compost worms.

worm-bin.jpg (41010 bytes)

When the worms are done with it. I use the casting a fertilizer for my garden. I got my worms from Uncle Jim's worm farm. Uncle Jim's worm farm has everything you need from worms to castings.

worm casting.jpg (44623 bytes)


Expert Gardener's Expanding Soil is a convenient, compressed 100% Coco Coir soil and CocoPeat soil amendment that expands to roughly 7 times its packaged size simply by adding water. The Expanding Soil holds water and nutrients, making moisture available for the roots to use as they begin to dry out, which also reduces how often you need water. The soil block is easy to handle unlike a traditional bag and does not dirty your hands. This block expands up to 2.25 Cubic Feet and lasts up to 2 years before breaking down and feeding your soil. The Expanding Soil is pH neutral and totally safe to grow in, which makes it the perfect option for vegetables and herbs, especially when combined with soil or fertilizers. In addition it is a premium grade washed coir that is sterile and works as a hydroponic growing medium for all kinds of plants and vegetables. I get my coco coir from Walmart just search for "Expert Gardener expanding soil" at the WalMart web site.


The high price of lettuce

Because of the high price of lettuce and even none to be found at  the store, I decided to grow some inside. I put some potting soil in a couple 10 X 20 trays and planted lettuce and spinach in a couple trays. I placed them in my front window to grow.


Lettuce.jpg (98453 bytes)


As you can see this can be done. I have enough for a few salads. This is a way you can have some fresh lettuce and spinach if you have the room and large window. But a better way is with a Click & Grow system.

You’ve probably noticed lately that lettuce prices have been sky high! It’s even possible, you’ve been asked to pay extra for lettuce on burgers or sandwiches at your favorite restaurant. Lettuce is normally a staple produce item so plentiful they use it just to line the salad bar. Why the heck is lettuce all of a sudden so expensive?
Like many things these days, farming is becoming increasingly expensive as costs for labor, fuel, fertilizer and just about every input needed to grow food are at record highs. But when it comes to lettuce, the situation is a bit worse. In recent years, a virus spread from plant-to-plant by a pest known as the Western Flower Thrips has become increasingly problematic. The insect itself is known to cause damage to several fruit and vegetable crops including onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and melons. But its role in spreading the Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus is causing significant economic losses to lettuce and spinach crops. Add to that, the drought has taken its toll on lettuce and spinach.

This may be the right time to get the
click and grow system and grow your own lettuce. ( Check it out above )

Whether you want to eat healthier, cook smarter or beautify your home, Click and Grow is ideal for growing herbs, fruits, flowers and vegetables all year round. So simple children can grow with it.
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Click & Grow


The best way to grow fresh greens in just over a week is microgreens.

Broccoli Microgreens

Broccoli Microgreens are easy to grow. I grow my microgreens in a shallow 10" by 20" tray.

10X20 tray.jpg (42031 bytes)

I put down paper towel in the bottom of the tray. I use the brown paper towel used in a paper towels dispenser.

10x20 tray1.jpg (33590 bytes)

I use coco coir for my growing medium for microgreens. Put moist coco coir in the tray and leval it off so it is about 1/2 inch deep.

coco coir tray.jpg (57314 bytes)

Then spread Waltham 29 Broccoli Microgreens Seeds with a spice shaker until you have a good cover of seeds on the coco coir. Then use a board or something flat to press the seeds in the coco coir. Give it a light spray of water over the seeds and add a weighted tray over the seeds.

broccoli seeds.jpg (108926 bytes)

I use a board in the bottom of the tray and add a crockpot on top for added weight. You can use anything to add the extra weight.

flat weighted.jpg (60374 bytes)

After 3 days remove the weighted tray to expose the microgreens. Place the tray in a lighted area or under a grow light. In about 4 days the microgreens will be ready to harvist.

harvisting Broccoli mg.jpg (87556 bytes)

I use kitchen scissors to harvest the microgreens. Here is what I got from half of the tray.

microgreens harvist.jpg (77516 bytes)

Give it a try.

Microgreens make pretty garnishes. They also provide a lot of health benefits. Among these benefits are up to 40 times more nutritional content than their adult counterparts. Like vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and unique medicinal compounds.
Sulforaphane is the most beneficial compound in broccoli microgreens. Several studies have shown that broccoli microgreens high in glucoraphanin decreased oxidative stress and inflammation in kidneys and reduced blood pressure in the cardiovascular system

Several people grow Microgreens as a business.



Organic Fertilizer


Green Peppers

Green peppers like hot weather to germinate 80f or higher. 

How I started peppers in my home. Because I live in  western New York the tempter in my home is (about 60 f ) and peppers do better in hotter weather. I started planting the seeds on January 16th I planted seeds that I saved from last year’s peppers and some I bought last year. I just spread a lot of seed out and spread a little dirt over the seeds. Then give it some water. You need to put down a lot of seeds because a lot will not germinate.

bell-peppers1.jpg (18787 bytes) bell-peppers 2.jpg (16600 bytes)

A few weeks later on 2/9/16 I started to see some seeds have started to germinate.Because it is cool inside the germinating is slow.

bell-peppers 3.jpg (28370 bytes)

The peppers were too big for the trays so I had to split them out and put them in a larger container.

bell-peppers 4.jpg (56136 bytes)

May 30 the temperature is warmer so grow much faster and ready to plant outside.I add a little organic fertilizer.

bell-peppers 5.jpg (18025 bytes)

By June 27th the plants were getting much bigger and time to sprinkle some water with Epson salt.

bell-peppers 6.jpg (66627 bytes)

By July 21st I could start picking fresh green peppers.

green-bell- peppers.jpg (89220 bytes)

Hope you enjoyed how I grow green peppers from seed here in western New York State.

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Growing Zucchini Squash for seeds.

Zucchini is a versatile vegetable and is easy to grow.

I save seeds to plant next year.

You need to take seeds from Heirloom plants ( non-gmo ) where Heirloom seeds come from open pollinated plants that pass on similar traits to each successive generation.

When growing zucchini squash for seeds, it best to grow them far away from other varieties of squash, pumpkins, and gourds so they don't  cross pollinate.

You need to plan on growing a zucchini squash for seed early. Find a good looking zucchini and let it stay on the vine. You may lose any new smaller squash on that plant when it gets big. That is because the main purpose of the plant is to produce seeds. That is why a Zucchini will produce a lot of squash if you keep picking the small ones.

Zucchini.jpg (142731 bytes)

As you can see from my photo they will grow very big. This one was over 20 inches long. The large one at the top is the one I grew for seeds.

Split the Zucchini down the length to expose the seeds.

Zucchini-seeds1.jpg (99933 bytes)

Scoop the seeds out and separate the seeds.

Zucchini-seeds2.jpg (124852 bytes)

Then spread the seeds on Parchment paper and let them dry.

Place the seeds in a cool dark place. It's a good idea to plant a few early to make sure they germinate. If they don't you will have time to order some.

Seed saving business


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Butternut Squash

I grew some butternut squash in my garden. Now I need to cook them up and freeze it. First I wash the squash before I peel the skin off. I use a Vegetable peeler to peel off the skin.

butternut1.jpg (40730 bytes) butternut2.jpg (52920 bytes)

Then cut off the ends and split it down the middle. I scoop out the seeds.

butternut3.jpg (46197 bytes) butternut-squash.jpg (61886 bytes)

I slice them up and cube the squash.

butternut4.jpg (44043 bytes) butternut5.jpg (57984 bytes)
Put it in a 3 quart saucepan. I add about 1� cups of water so it will not burn on the bottom of the pan. Put a cover on the pan. I cook it on a low heat and stir often so it does not burn. Then I use a potato masher to get the lumps out of it.

butternut6.jpg (85000 bytes) butternut7.jpg (87616 bytes)

Scoop it up and place in pint freezer containers. What is left in the pan, I add some butter and honey for a tasty treat. Don't forget to save a few seeds and dry them so you will have them to plant next year. You need to take seeds from Heirloom plants
( non-gmo ) where Heirloom seeds come from open pollinated plants that pass on similar traits to each successive generation.

butternut8.jpg (111568 bytes) butternut9.jpg (86407 bytes)

Take some butternut squash out of the freezer and use it to make your favorite squash dish.


Butternut Squash Contains vitamin A ,vitamin C, manganese, potassium, magnesium , vitamin E, vitamin B6, thiamin, niacin, folate, calcium, iron, pantothenic acid, copper, phosphorus .

We have farmers that plant a field of butternut squash and sell them at a yard side stand to earn extra money.



Radish sprots

The time of year when I can't get some radishes for my salad I grow some sprouts.
Radish sproting supplies (18302 bytes)

Radish sprouts are easy to grow. All you need is radish sprouting seeds, a jar with a lid that you can drain off the water.

I put in about 1 table spoon of seeds and let them soak in water for a couple hours.
radish seeds in water (16448 bytes)

Then drain them and let sit in a dark place. Rinse the seeds off 2 or 3 times a day and drain well. They will start germinating in about a day.

radish seed sprouting (18829 bytes)

After 3 or 4 days they will grow big enough to eat.

radish sprouts (17717 bytes)

I spread them on the top of my salad to give it a taste of Radishes. Sprouting is fun and easy.

radish sprouts on salad (18245 bytes)

Radish sprouts contain vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, they also have calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc. Radish sprouts are also rich in essential amino acids and chlorophyll that can help digestion .

Give it a try.

 Sproting Seeds Supplies

 Some people have turned sprouts as as business

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